вторник, 18 апреля 2017 г.


Fry's English Delight yet again. I can't help listening to it. Two years ago, four years ago, seven years ago... I found it when I had to pass my phonetics exam, because the only chance to pass it was listen to someone with the perfect pronunciation again and again: I had missed all the phonetic lessons in that term so I had no chance to pass. But I did it. 
Two years ago I had to create american apple account since there were no new series in russian app store.  Today I found out that series 9 has arrived. But it's unavailable even in US appstore :( actually it's available nowhere, so there's no chance for me to buy it. 
Who knows, I might not have learnt English if there were no English Delight and Harry Potter narrated by Stephen Fry. And definitely I wouldn't have know many interesting things about the world, life and languages. 
If I could I would say "thank you for the inspiration you gave" to all the people who worked to create this podcast, and Stephen Fry personally. 

/Perhaps I'd better write something that had more sense, not just common words but you see, these days I'm in the process of learning of a new language, so it's a little bit difficult to cope with two of them in my mind. Anyway, this podcast is a thing which makes me believe that we can do anything we want, seven years ago I could hardly imagine I would speak english fluently and travel around the world, there were just dreams and no idea how to make them real. Now, I'm strong, I'm able to do what I want to do: travel, learn new languages, take photos and write small stories for my friends.. /

P.S. new language is japanese. I'm not crazy, I just enjoy learning languages. It's not as difficult as I thought. On July the 2 I'll take my exam to the first level. I'll pass it.  

日本語は難しですが面白いです。(Japanese is a difficult, but interesting langugage.)