понедельник, 7 марта 2011 г.

Why I dance Irish dances.

Do you believe that Irish dances were devised by human beings? I don't.
Of course, you can ask me why.
Firstly, they are physically impossible. Have you ever seen the way Irish dancers hold their legs? Knees are facing forward, but feet are pointing in a different direction! It is an extremely strange, abnormal and inhuman turnout.
Then the dancer jumps. Well, actually every dancing culture in Europe has jumps. But their jumps are as abnormal, as their turnout. The rill jump for example. You have to fly and hover above the ground.
And, lastly. Obviously you have heard the legends of the Irish fairy. They were dancing in the fields, and any person who entered their circle would dance until they died. And so do I. I started Irish dancing last year. But, I can't stop it yet. Every other day I have a dancing lessons.

Do you still think that Irish dances belongs in human culture?


What can be more exciting than dancing? Soft lines, lightness, natural beauty and... extremely hard work.
Every morning you wake up and you body hurts all over. Every muscle aches. But you make yourself get up, and try to walk step by step. At this very moment, you understand, that you really hate dancing with all your heart and soul. You can't stand your training sessions without a shudder. But you still understand, that dancing is your only life. True life I mean.
And you take your uniform and go for classes again. Stand up near the barre and feel, that you are completely happy again. You realize that you are the happiest person in the world. You dance.

And then a new day comes. And another morning starts...