четверг, 1 марта 2012 г.

Dream-maker. (A fairy tale for those who are going to sleep)

There is a small silver house in the middle of the dark forest. A little old man lives there. He makes our dreams while we're sleeping. Sometimes he makes them from golden clouds. These are the very clouds cut by the rays of sunset. They are perfect for light morning light dreams. Such dreams areas light as spider's webs and when you wake up, you would not remember anything.
Sometimes he made dreams from summer rains. These bring happiness and good mood to dreamers. When you wake up in the morning and feel happy, you know they were made from summer rains.
The most interesting dreams are made from the West Wind. They are filled with adventures. Upon awakening, it is as if you had watched a good and interesting movie.
Those made only from stars light are the best. They come to us when we need them most. It is difficult to imagine what you were seeing in these dreams. They can be far away and mysterious fairy kingdoms or wonderful isles with apple trees and berries growing. These star light dreams can also be flying dreams in which you can fly high in the sky and catch the rays of the sun. It could be a magical melody from another world or it could be voice of your mother - her smiling face and her tender hands. In another words, these dreams can be anything nice.