среда, 23 мая 2012 г.

Masterclasses with Colin Dunne

I want to be happy all my life. Dancing makes me happy, so I want to dance all my life.
Well, actually I want to tell you about some master-classes I participated these days. It was Colin Dunne who gave them. To say in a word, everything was wonderful.

He made me understand many important things about Irish dances. I think, that it is worth even just seeing how he moves. Some easy steps become a kind of miracle when he shows them. It is not because he is a star or something like that. He is just a genius dancer. "Listening to music is one of the most important things in dancing" he says. How right he is! "Try to do everything easy, feel comfort in doing things"... I tried to remember every word.

Well, I must admit our teacher, Nazarov, is genius too, because he has been teaching us to feel Irish dances the same way.

I want to dance, I want more Irish dances. I want have five hours training sessions every day. Unfortunately, I have no opportunity.

By the way, I don't mean "tradition dances" with all those fieses, wigs and other stuff. I want to keep on learning "performance style".

"Dance is just a language of our body. Let yourself speak this language. Every movement is a word, so learn the words carefully and make sentences.. " Colin and Polina say the same thing, so it must be true.

I wish I could.....