суббота, 27 апреля 2013 г.

Sometimes there are days, when you need someone to be close to you so strongly, that life stops. Someone to talk with and share your feelings. However, your inner voice says "you have to be strong, you have to get over all your troubles and keep on going". Well, in general, I agree with this statement. But if you don't need anybody and nobody needs you, than what is your life for? You may even be happy, but a silver glass wall divides you from other people. Friends often tell me something like "oh, you're so warm, so bright, so strong"... and nobody knows how I really feel. Sometimes I think that my inner world is like snowstorm, cold, dark and dead. However, I know that it isn't true. I just need to let some time pass to became "strong, warm and bright".. It is just bad mood and illness. When you're ill and sad, nobody wants to keep you company, that's just natural.