четверг, 1 августа 2013 г.

A Shining Brick

Each time I write an entry, I try hard to find a good theme and I can hardly ever find it. People around talk on Navalny, politics and that guy who said that FBI reads all our mails. I'm not interested in such things. Frankly, I prefer to write something like  "If I lived in other world..." Or something about Shredinger's cat. Or, about the double rainbow I saw few days ago. All these things are just simple and.. yeah, life-asserting - this word should fits rather well.

 "When God created time He made enough of it", however I can hardly find a minute to write anything. Even faery diaries are lost. Perhaps it's time to try something new, perhaps it is just a crisis of my life and writing skills. Perhaps I just need an idea. My friends call this "A shining brick", meaning that a great idea falls on your head as unexpectedly as ordinary brick, and it makes you create something new and interesting. So, I asks for such a "shining brick", because I want keep up my writing, especially in English.