понедельник, 5 декабря 2011 г.

A Letter

Dear Life,

I want to thank you for our great new play. As you know, it was the First Night yesterday. All was wonderful: audience, actors and dancers. It was a true miracle.
Actually, I was only the photographer yesterday, but I really had joy. I'm very glad to take part in such a lovely and awesome project. Also, I want to thank you, dear Life for the opportunity you gave me. I mean an opportunity to work and play with such excellent people. Oh, if you only knew how beautiful and handsome they are!
I hope you let me be in this theatre forever, dear Life, because I can hardly imagine something else. Of course it is obvious that we would have success - we worked hard and put our whole soul into this show. I know now that the greatest things in you are possible only with the greatest love. You made me know this thing, dear Life, and I'm really grateful for this. You also taught me that I have to love what I do. And I love it very much.
And, my dear Life, I love you too, you know. I hope we'll be together for a long time. You'll give me your wonderful presents, and I'll give you all my love in reward.

Very cordially yours,