четверг, 10 марта 2011 г.

Rules for keeping a domestic dragon.


If you want adopt a dragon there are a few important things you need to know first.
Usually dragons are flammable, so never leave your dragon near a wooden buildings and any inflammable stuffs.
Most of the fire related to dragons happened because of unsupervised dragons.
Actually young dragons are playful and restless, so you must understand, that it will need all your attention and free time. Never leave the dragon alone - they may feel blue and grow sickly. Sometimes an unsupervised dragons may fly away and never return, so you should be very careful.
Never try to treat dragon for an illness yourself! If your dragon gets ill you should consult an expert immediately! Otherwise you might loose your pet!

Well, obviously these are all the main rules. Now you are ready to adopt a dragon. Everybody knows, that dragons are really good friends and the smartest pets. Get a dragon right now!