четверг, 2 июня 2011 г.

Well, in my opinion dancing is the only thing worth living for.
But, unfortunately I started to dance too late. I mean there are no professional dancers who started their trainings at their 20th.
Many people start dancing as a hobby at an older age than me, I know it. But, they never become professional. As for me, I want more.
To be objective: I can do the splits, I have good instep, turnout and ballet step (Heh, I don't know how does it called in English. I mean the ability to rise one's leg in the femoral joint) I really work hard. Every day I have a class or two. But, to become a dancer I have to work even harder, but I can't because I have no place and time. That's really sad.
If I could only have a chance to dance more...