понедельник, 3 октября 2011 г.

I fell down

Today I fell down and sprained my ankle again. When I was a child I used to sprain my ankles every other week because I have very elastic and soft muscles and ligaments.
The worst part is that I sprained it during our rehearsal, so I had to finish rehearsal with my sprained leg.. and of course hard shoes.. I learned a new hard-shoes number, so I have no time to recover. I just tied my ankle with an elastic bandage went back to dancing again..
And there is a performance on 15th October. And a ball on 16th. And a festival in Kazan on 2nd November. And a parody show on 9th. Oh, how I hate my body sometimes!
The only good thing is that tomorrow I have the day off from dance practice, so I have at least one day to recover.