понедельник, 18 апреля 2011 г.

What is Life?

"Life.. What is it?" Yenka asked.
Ukka closed her book unwillingly and said: "Well.. what do you usually do everyday?"
"Me? Well..actually I enjoy the sun, race with the neighbor's chicken, go to a river bank.." Yenka started to say, counting his fingers "And what?"
"And what does our mother do" Ukka seated herself more comfortably and faced her brother.
"She... well, she raises us, takes care for the house.. We help her. And there are heaps of many other things. For example she rejoices at our happiness.. But I still don't understand What is Life?" - Yenka said.
"Life is all those things put together!" - Ukka smiled brightly.
"I understand!" - Yenka said as his face lighted up with happiness. "But, tell you what.. "
Ukka started to say as she looked at him with interest
"Life isn't just all those things, you know, Life is the joy of doing "all these things"