понедельник, 27 июня 2011 г.

What is the right way to live?

The only right way to live is your own. Do you agree?
In my case, it's the only truth. Everything you do in your life is right, even if it is a mistake. Your own mistake, you know, and it means that you have an experience which nobody else in the world has.
Your life is an extraordinary one. Nobody has ever had such a life, and nobody will ever have it.
This fact doesn't mean that you have to forget the experiences of previous generations, no. All that you read, listened to and learnt are your own knowledge, so you act as only you can act, and you will live as only you can.
Don't try to build your fortune like "that successful boy" or "that talented girl" , otherwise you will lose your way. I think that's the only thing worth regretting.