среда, 19 октября 2011 г.

Hard shoooeeeeeYES!

Oh, these days I have a lot of hard shoe training. Well, in all honesty, we have a genius of a teacher, but there is no teacher who can teach someone who doesn't want to be taught. So every day, after folk or classical training I stay one-on-one with my hard shoes and tap, tap and tap.

And now I know, that if someone wants to be slim they should start classical and tap dancing. Oh, yes.
My problem is that I go out at nine o'clock and return home only at midnight. The good thing is that I at last can do our number even blindfolded. Well, that's all my news for now, so I'll keep up my work.

четверг, 6 октября 2011 г.

The Dark Lord

"Well, do you seriously think that this is a reason to interrupt me?" - his voice was perfectly calm, and there was no sign of pleasantness in his intonations.
"But, my Lord, he will arrive in few minutes, what could I do?!" - he tried to smile while his voice was trembling.
The Dark Lord took a deep breath and immediately replied: "I can't stand one thing: I'm the Darkest Lord of the World, but why, please tell me, why my servants can't deal with an assessor without my interference?! Every year the same situation: bills and taxes! Even here I have no rest at all! It's settled then, take my clothes and receive the guest. Now, you are the Dark Lord, and I'm leaving, I've had enough!!"

понедельник, 3 октября 2011 г.

I fell down

Today I fell down and sprained my ankle again. When I was a child I used to sprain my ankles every other week because I have very elastic and soft muscles and ligaments.
The worst part is that I sprained it during our rehearsal, so I had to finish rehearsal with my sprained leg.. and of course hard shoes.. I learned a new hard-shoes number, so I have no time to recover. I just tied my ankle with an elastic bandage went back to dancing again..
And there is a performance on 15th October. And a ball on 16th. And a festival in Kazan on 2nd November. And a parody show on 9th. Oh, how I hate my body sometimes!
The only good thing is that tomorrow I have the day off from dance practice, so I have at least one day to recover.