среда, 28 сентября 2011 г.

Three things

There are three things which are the hardest to say: "I love you", "forgive me" and "I need your help". (c)
As for me, I have no trouble with the first and the second, but really never can say the third. Even if I need help. Even if I need it too much.
It used to be very difficult, but these days I have friends, who can help, even if I don't ask. So, I think friends are the people who always know when you need help. And I am usually not asked for help - I just help if I see that I can.
So, three ideas:
1. Friends are people who know when you need help and help you without asking stupid questions.
2. If you see someone in trouble and can help out - just do it, without thinking or asking for reward.
3. I should finally learn how to speak about my feelings and worries, at least with people who are close to me.